Whether your prototype is required for research and development or destined for mass production, we produce prototypes in any material required and deliver within 10 days after receipt of specifications. In contrast to many in this specialty, our service does not cease with the delivery of your prototype. CONWEAL is dedicated to supporting the development of your project and we are committed to the process of finalizing every detail with you, no matter what it takes. However, this means more than going through countless samples and hours of revision, it means we always have an eye on the best way to avoid unnecessary iterations and expense.

CNC Fabrication

CONWEAL has streamlined the transition from prototype to product by integrating the engineering, sales and customer service elements. Doing so has afforded our clients the ability to communicate with an entire ensemble of professionals through one familiar and friendly individual. CONWEAL provides a centralized source of comprehensive solutions and access to manufacturing innovation that is out of reach to all but the largest and most sophisticated companies in the world.
Rigorous and exacting standards are at the heart of everything we do, and with decades of CNC machinery research and development, complex components of unparalleled quality are delivered on-time and within budget. Whether fabricating tools for our machines or milling your complex and highly critical components, innovation and a strong belief that the exception does indeed become the rule, result in predictable tolerances of +/- 0.02mm. The spectrum and breadth of complexity that we achieve extend from the multi-faceted to the streamlined, and as with everything we do, precision is delivered.